Weed Watcher

The Weed Watchers Program, operated in partnership with the state of NH Department of Environmental Services Exotic Species Program, consists of a group of individuals, mainly shorefront residents, trained to recognize exotic and native aquatic plant species. These volunteers ply the waters of Powwow in various types of watercraft at intervals during the summer growing season, keeping an eye out for new exotic plant infestations. Any infestation is reported so that a course of action may be recommended and pursued.

Learning to identify aquatic plant species and spending time on the water observing them is not only great fun, it is an important part  of controlling the spread of invasives. The more volunteers we have, the smaller the area each  need to cover, and the more thoroughly we can monitor respective locations. If you would like to volunteer to join Weed Watchers and assist with our monitoring effort, please contact Paul Dearborn,, Weed Watchers Volunteer Coordinator, at: (603) 642-4493.