Lake Host

TheĀ  Lake Host Program is operated in partmership with the NH Lakes Association, combining a grant from this organization with volunteer labor to greet boaters at the New Boston Rd Fish and Game boat ramp. Lake Hosts conduct boater information surveys and provide courtesy boat inspections for “plant hitch hikers” that may inadvertently be carried on boats, motors, and trailers from other locations. The Lake Host Program has achieved some success in halting the spread of exotic aquatic plants in the state, and the Council is thrilled to have been a part of this effort since the 2009 boating season. Though hosts cannot staff the boat launch 24/7, paid and volunteer Lake Hosts educate boaters about the accidental spead of exotic species and hopefully teach them to be responsible for inspecting their own vessels during future trips.

Since finding exotic milfoil in Powwow, our Lake Host Program has been especially focused on educating boaters departing the pond to prevent the spread of invasives to other local waterbodies. If you would like to volunteer for some Lake Host duties at Powwow Pond this upcoming boating season, please contact Lake Host Program Point Person Paul Dearborn at (603) 642-4493.