Among the many organisms that utilize the habitats in the pond and surrounding area, birds are among the most observable and frequently noticed, and one migratory species is responsible for a special designation by the New Hampshire Audubon Society.

Powwow is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by the NH Audubon Society due to its high concentration of Ring Necked Ducks, the largest concentration in the state during their Spring migration.

You can observe Ring Necked Ducks at Powwow Pond, usually during late March through mid April, in large aggregations, or “rafts”, often out on the more open areas of the pond.  Look for the dark head, distinct ring on the bill, and their diving behavior.

See identification photos and read more about Ring Necked Ducks and the IBA designation at the links, below.

Ring Necked Duck

New Hampshire’s Important Bird Area (IBA) Program

The Powwow Pond Council sponsored an Audubon talk in the spring of 2010, featuring Pamela Hunt, biologist with New Hampshire Audubon, to allow the public to learn more about this interesting visitor and the IBA program in New Hampshire.  During this talk, Dr Hunt told us that observers have looked at other ponds in the area with similar characteristics, but our own Powwow attracts far more Ring Necks than any other water body in the state.  The exact reasons were unclear, but certainly the pond provides just what the ducked need in terms of fuel and security during their energy sapping migratory journey.

Powwow serves as an important migratory stop over location for a variety of waterfowl species. Some waterfowl hunting opportunities exist along the undeveloped shoreline marsh areas as well as the river upstream from the pond.

Other commonly seen species of waterfowl at Powwow Pond include Hooded and Common Merganser, American Coot, Wood Duck, Mallard, Canada Geese and several others.