Get Involved

Whatever your interests and concerns about the Powwow Pond and the surrounding watershed, there are a number of ways that you can get involved.

Become a member

You can participate in the council activities by becoming a member and coming to council meetings and letting your voice be heard.  Notice of meetings is done by e-mail so please provide your e-mail address on our Contact Us page.  The annual dues are currently $50.00. dues are used for council sponsored activities, and funding projects on and around the pond.

Work on one of our committees or programs

Participate in fundraising activities and events

Joining us in our fundraising activities is another opportunity to participate in council activities and make a difference in your community.  Events Such as our Spring Kick Off at YMCA Camp Tricklin’ Falls are ways to get the community involved, engaged, and educated all while having fun with family and friends.

Occasionally, we sponsor an educational event.  Your attendance at these events lets us know that the information that we are providing is of interest to you.

Give us your opinion

The Board of Directors values your ideas and opinions regarding the care-taking of the unique natural resource that we call the Powwow Pond. Please Contact Us to let us know your thoughts and concerns.


The Powwow Pond Council, Inc. needs the financial support of both the towns of Kingston and East Kingston and it’s residents.  Support our efforts to conserve the pond by exercising your right to vote in the town elections.