Frequently Asked Questions


The pond is so full of weeds.  Is  it polluted, and is it worth trying to preserve?

While indeed Powwow has a high percentage of the waterbody with plant coverage right to the surface, when this aquatic vegetation exists in diverse forms, as it does now, it provides valuable fish and wildlife habitat like feeding and hiding areas. It oxygenates the water when it is growing, and helps to filter nutrients and sediments. Too much plant life of any kind interferes with many recreational uses such as boating and swimming, as well as fishing, and there seems to be many different opinions on what is too much. Some would advocate letting natural succession take over and revert the pond to a large marsh, and others would prefer a deep clear, waterbody similar to our northern lakes, created by whatever means of human intervention would be necessary. The Powwow Pond Council is striving to find a practical balance between natural succession, habitat preservation, and recreational and property values.

Should we be using herbicides in the pond to control exotic species?

After examining other options, and attempting some limited Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting, at this time it is recommended that herbicides be used to control the spread of milfoil. The use of these chemicals is highly restricted with the state, and the products licensed for use by the state EPA break down rapidly in sunlight and water, are target specific, and provide the most cost effective control. Next year may call for another DASH (diver hand removal) effort if milfoil is not found to be widespread,

What is a Weed Watcher?

Weed Watchers are volunteers trained to spot new infestations of milfoil and report them to the coordinator. Volunteers conduct periodic inspections from boats, cameos, and kayaks on a calm, clear, sunny day several times per summer to look for invasive plants in their assigned area. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Council, we could use your help!

What is the Lake Host Program?

The Lake Host Program, administered by New Hampshire Lakes Association, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting NH Lakes, is a boat launch greeting and inspection program designed to prevent exotic plants from entering or leaving the pond on boats and trailers. It is run in the summer months by volunteers from the Powwow Pond Council, who staffs the ramp, apply for the grant funding, and hire and supervise the paid Lake Host. For three years the program has run at the boat launch, conducting courtesy inspections and completing boater surveys.

Can I launch a motor boat at Powwow and where can I go with it?

The NH Fish and Game New Boston Rd boat ramp provides a good hard gravel access site for most motor boats and the main channels of the pond are navigable right down to the Trickling Falls Dam at the East Kingston end, about 1 ½ miles, provided your vessel is small enough to fit under the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge located about 1 mile east. Remember to observe the state laws regarding passing at headway speed when within 100ft of another boat or the shoreline, as some areas are narrow.

Where can I paddle on the pond?

Powwow Pond can offer a wonderful paddling experience, with lots of marshy, undeveloped area, particularly along the northern side of the pond. You can also paddle upstream for a distance of close to two miles from the New Boston Road Bridge and enter Country Pond.

What simple steps can I take to ensure that I am not contributing to a water quality decline in the pond?

If you live within the protected shoreland zone of the pond (within 150 feet of the pond) you should:

  • Pump your septic tank on a regular basis, even more often than you would elsewhere,
  • Fix any stormwater runoff problems from your yard or driveway by diverting rainwater away from the pond where it can settle in to the ground slowly and by planting or maintaining a buffer of vegetation along at least some (50%) of your shore front,
  • Refrain from fertilizing your lawn within 25 feet of the shore of the pond.

How can I help the Powwow Pond Council?

By remaining or becoming a member, because you membership helps fund projects and supports our initiatives, even if you can’t or don’t want to participate actively or have difficulty making it to the meetings. Stay in touch with our activities via this web site, LIKE us on Facebook-Powwow Pond Council, and go to the polls when Powwow Pond related issues are on the town ballot. If you are interested and want to do more, you can join our board of directors and / or active members.