About The Pond

Powwow Pond is a 285 acre body of water created by a dam on the Powwow River in East Kingston, NH. First dammed in 1897 to control water flow for power to the mills downstream in Amesbury, Ma, the present site of the dam off of Rt 108 is currently known as the Trickling Falls Dam. Trickling Falls once hosted a saw and grist mill, and is now under management by the State of NH Dam Bureau.

The town of East Kingston was founded around the Powwow River. The soil around the pond was very rich and farms prospered in the area. During the early 20th century water levels were historically lowered in the mid summer months to allow the cutting of hay along the shore. Now water levels are lowered 18 inches beginning November 1 for the winter months. The shallow impoundment created upstream is heavily vegetated and lightly developed along much of the northern shoreline in Kingston and provides excellent habitat for a variety of fish and wildlife species.

A significant portion of the shoreline is under conservation easement in the hands of the John J. Bakie Trust. In 2004, The Nature Conservancy purchased 50 acres which included more than 3000 feet of frontage on the Powwow River upstream of the pond. In 2006 the Nature Conservancy acquired an additional 4 tracts of land totaling 41.8 acres and 1300 feet of river frontage. With a mix of seasonal residents and year round residents the pond is also home to a YMCA Summer Camp, Tricklin’ Falls.

The pond is also part of a large drainage area. As a part of the Merrimack River Aquifer, Powwow Pond plays an important role in the spring with the movement of water from the top of the aquifer to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Kingston/Newton area is home to one of the largest Atlantic White Cedar swamp forest wetlands complexes in New Hampshire, and Powwow Pond and the Powow River upstream are lined with extensive tracts of this unique wetland. The Atlantic White Cedar swamp and Fen ecosystem host many fine examples of bog plants. Approximately 27 species of aquatic plants are present in Powwow, such as water lily, rush, pondweeds of many species, water shield, etc., providing a diverse habitat.

A gravel boat ramp located on New Boston Road in Kingston is maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game and provides good boat access with ample parking along the road. East Kingston also has a boat ramp for town residents off of Rt. 107A.